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Eduardo Sonoda
5 min readJan 25, 2022

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our day-to-day lives, the way we interface with the world has changed dramatically over the past several years. While much of our focus has been on medical innovation during this period, professionals like Eduardo Sonoda are also paying close attention to how marketing trends have changed and evolved in lockstep.

Eduardo Sonoda is the CEO and founder of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory, where he operates as an international marketing adviser. Born and raised in East London, Sonoda spent time studying at the London Marketing Academy, where he showcased his skills and aptitude for marketing. After departing university for a successful career with some of the biggest marketing agencies in the U.K., Sonoda has cut his teeth in the industry for the past six years.

Now ready to share his insights with aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout London, Sonoda reveals 12 marketing trends that professionals in London can embrace today.

Keep Your Eye on the New ‘Meta’

The advent of social media turned the marketing world on its head. The ability to instantly connect with clients in a personalized space created many branding opportunities. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Sonoda believes it best to stay abreast of upcoming changes. As Facebook continues its efforts to rebrand under the Meta name, the reality of the metaverse sinks in a little deeper. Augmented experiences are the way of the future, and Sonoda believes that savvy marketers are doing their research now.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Emotional Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will continue to become one of the most interesting and potentially profitable areas of focus in the coming years. As AI machine learning continues to improve, businesses from every corner of London are able to take advantage of this real-time data to create better consumer experiences.

Sonoda believes that artificial intelligence will make its next big leap in synchronization with emotional intelligence tools. Emotional intelligence tools are used to better understand how people react, how they feel, and how they are interpreting branded experiences. We are already seeing major corporations make the move toward emotional intelligence through AI with Google Maps operating as a prime example. In an effort to reduce stress for commuters, Google Maps released a “crowdedness predictions” feature to alleviate pressure.

Increased Focus on Personalization

Eduardo Sonoda likes to keep his mind in the “startup mentality” to constantly push the envelope on innovation. When it comes to marketing trends London-based startups should be aware of, personalization is something that must be ingrained into their mentality. Personalization through data will allow your content or product to become more relatable, easier to sell, and better at sending a message.

Sonoda says, “You have to stay ahead of [that] change however you can, and overplanning with too much confidence can end up holding plans back.”

Influencers Are More Important Than Ever

The internet isn’t going anywhere and social media is surely here to say. With both of those facts remaining true, influencers on social media will continue to offer some of the most fruitful content-branding and marketing opportunities. Eduardo Sonoda believes that it is essential to connect with influencers who match their voice, brand, and potential market. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either.

Embrace the Total Experience

When the COVID-19 pandemic finally truly settled in, businesses were forced to shutter their windows if unable to compete within the new space. Brands were disorganized, disconnected, and slow to adjust to expectations. Marketing experts will understand that changes have to be made at both ends of the business experience: for consumers and for employees.

In the retail sector, as an example, Sonoda believes it is as important to guide guests through tech solutions as it is to properly equip employees with the tools they want and benefit from using. Struggles with tech can lead to poor experiences for both parties. Brands must be as aware of employee-first solutions as they are of the guests that fuel their business.

Prepare for the Internet of Things (IoT)

As self-service becomes increasingly normalized, expect marketers to continue focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to the world of automation and self-service that surrounds us, including health monitoring, self-driving cars, and checkout-free locations. In 2022, Sonoda believes that there will be a fundamental refocusing of the IoT and its impact on marketing.

Credible Online Engagement

Eduardo Sonoda believes that credible online engagement can become the most profitable way of marketing directly to your audience. In order to accomplish that goal, it is essential that potential clients are engaged in an authentic matter. Sonoda says, “Markets, audiences, and behaviours constantly change.”

Privacy Challenges and Marketing Will Intersect

Advertising and privacy often feel like they are at odds with one another. Many digital ads today are fueled by atomized data, automatically input. Privacy changes to iOS devices, as well as the removal of tracking cookies, mean that advertising professionals need to change strategy. The internet is constantly evolving and startups throughout London need to stay aware of these hurdles.

Data Will Fuel New Opportunities

In the same way that data helped change the game of baseball forever, it will also fuel opportunities for professionals throughout London with an eye for research. We can look at corporations like Netflix and Amazon to see how they use data to establish content opportunities that yield the most profits for their business. In the health care field, patients have data captured and shared among medical professionals to improve the quality of their care.

Throughout his time working with some startups and Inc. 5000 firms, Sonoda says he came to realize that success was about creating action out of valid data. Data will continue to shape marketing changes today, tomorrow, and forever.

Livestreaming Will Continue to Grow in Marketing

In the same way that influencers bring new eyes to your products, so, too, do livestreamed events. As consumers focus increasingly on experiences over traditional advertising methods, livestreamed experiences can give your customers something interesting and personal to interact with.

Old Marketing Techniques (SEO) Are Less Important

While search engine optimization ( SEO) is still the leading tool in the marketer’s toolbox, it is far from the only one. Sonoda says of planning, “Make a plan, keep it quick, simple, and very no-nonsense.”

What Sonoda means is to utilize marketing techniques that provide value above all else. Focus on creating quality content while providing a diversity of approaches including video, streaming, and text.

Experiences and Social Currency

While savvy marketing professionals can get their message to the masses, audiences are looking for more immersive experiences as their primary form of social currency. Sonoda tips marketers should spend more time ideating solutions for experiences at every stage of the consumer-product experience. Whether this is through creative social media outreach or savvy targeted advertising, the potential is there.

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Eduardo Sonoda

Climbing that ranks at some of the biggest marketing firms in the UK, Eduardo Sonoda parlayed his expertise into a successful career as a marketing advisor.